music by Will Peterson

Tuning: E Std.

Look at me now, I beg you to see. Would you say we should be afraid?

Be who you are and do not be ashamed, so you are free to live.

We're swallowed by illusion

We're living in a game

If you're blind to your own misperception, may love let you see again.

I strum my guitar to the lonely graves at the cemetary out across the highway

some of them lost their lives at an early age, are they watching from the pearly gates

as I pull out a cigarette and press it to my lips, I can't resist with the smoke so devilish

Some underneath my feet because of it, I light it up and breathe it in

What we are witnessing; the symphony of love

So drink in deep this poetry my love

Tomorrow we rest for the rest of our days and the soul will not be appraised

All we do and all we say is all we will ever be

is all we will ever be

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Photography by Stoph's Photography
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