music by Will Peterson

Tuning: E Std.

I am attracted to a silver tongue, but a quick fix is only a trick.

How does a mason build a home? Brick by heavy brick.
If the foundation isn't strong it will crumble like clay in the sun

You deserve more than you know but you're afraid that you don't belong

Somebody told me this storm aint going nowhere, Some hide inside curled up under the stairs
Global warming, world war three is at our door, 
Some living in fear some live for more

Somebody told me this storm ain't going nowhere, some cry out to the sky "do you even care?"

Without warning we forget what we used to know, even ugliness is beautiful.

Something I said that I would do: keep you from your pain, but I lied to you.

I've been walking around like I've got everything to prove, it's time to step away from the noose

Turn around to hear another plane crash on the news, another mad man is on the loose

I could build a wall to keep the world away, but whats the use?

With a wall how could I fall in love with you?

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Photography by Stoph's Photography
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