music by Will Peterson

Tuning: E Std.

Hate to say it but I feel like a stranger

I don't want to play these games, I don't want to face myself

Desperation is a  heavy weight it leaves a funny taste like sour grapes

This is the cross I bare, you make a cross-eyed look

Because you don't understand and I just can't explain it

How I stand at the banquet moaning in starvation

Only implicating I'm lonely and I'm waiting for love

Cause her love just ain't enough

to the stranger under the covers all of the colors seem so dull

Her love just ain't

Feel the anger starting to come when all of a sudden she is gone

Cold rain falls outside my window as I watch the world go by

I think I'll stay inside

Saw an old friend on the television, 

I say "here's to another time I won't remember"

Have I lost my way? Have I lost my mind?

Have I walked these streets?

Have I made my peace with her love?

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Photography by Stoph's Photography
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