The Ocelot

Jesse Williams


Jesse Williams was born and raised in a small village just west of the Milky Way, by the name of Bigfork, Montana. There amongst the woodland creatures, he learned how to speak and sing from the songbirds. He climbed to the tops of mountains in search of magic and prevailed! He then set out to the coast to Seattle to form a band with his three older siblings. Together, they were (are) Youth Rescue Mission. After some time, Jesse decided he was needed in Missoula Montana, where he would work on his craft and become Jesse, The Ocelot. In his years there, he met fellow like minded dinosaurs in the Band Mesozoic Mafia and in the winter of 2017 Jesse and Will Peterson started Ocelot Wizard. The rest is history.

Vocalist and percussionist Jesse Williams has been writing and performing for nearly a decade with multiple projects. Jesse traveled across the west while he was in high school to record and perform with his family band, Youth Rescue Mission, and he and YRM have performed at nationally known festivals with many accomplished musicians. In 2016, Jesse was awarded Missoula's Singer/Songwriter of the Year for his original music by the Zoo Music Awards, an event hosted by the Missoula Independent newspaper and the Trail 103.3 Radio Station in Missoula. Jesse has been involved in projects ranging from hip-hop to chorus, and his words flow with effortless experience.

Jesse's original music can be heard online at 


The Wizard

Will Peterson


Vocalist and rhythm guitarist Will Peterson has been writing performing for over a decade and began performing, coordinating, and hosting music at the University of Montana in 2008. Since then, he has had the honor of collaborating with, performing with, and opening for many fabulous artists, including:

 Doc Wiley,  Jerry Nettuno, Mike Avery, Dale Menten,

Andy Frasco and the UN, Freebo (of Bonnie Raitt), Andy Dunnigan (of the Lil Smokies), Steven Roth, John Floridis, Tom Catmull, Shakewell, The Dodgy Mountain Men, Off in The Woods, Ticket Sauce, Maiah Wynne, Kevin Van Dort, Josh Farmer, Aaron Howard, Leif Christian, and more.

Will has been performing primarily across the west and midwest, and has performed twice on NPR's Live From the Divide, as well as the Trail 103.3 Missoula's Local Lunch, and his songs have been playing and growing audiences on community radio stations in and around Montana for almost half a decade.  

Will performs authentically and honestly. His songs are universally poetic and effortlessly dance-able.

Will believes in the transformative power of music and he has dedicated himself to being the best musician that he can be. Will is thankful that he gets to practice musical sorcery and travel the world with his magical friends.

Double Dirty Chai

Josh Chai


Josh’s life started when a Norwegian princess and Korean prince snuck away. They fell madly in love and had a very controversial marriage. Yes, you know what comes next, a hairy little buddha baby in a carriage. His oriental viking blood runs strong through his veins, he is a bit of a handful don’t try to grip the reins. The Chai family united to create a new kind of delicious, frothy, beverage, which eventually would  be known as “Chai tea”.  This young child was sheltered and pressed into religious studies. All the while, his calling was blocked by a rock which would not roll. Yet, behind this barrier was the key to his soul. He found along his quest one stick and then another, and was given the task of re-establishing communication with each other. Fueled by the energy of each beautiful story being told, he found both his rock and his roll.  He was able to find a new kind of Chai, one free of obligation and performance based guilt. Everyone was screaming "be pure", but he felt just a little dirty inside. Eventually the dirtiness could not hide, it manifested on the outside, now comes trouble, because it even doubled. Blessed and full of faith in the true Most High, stands before you Mr. Double Dirty Chai…DAB!!!!!! 

Drummer Josh Chai has many years of experience as a drummer with many different projects. Josh has performed in metal bands, church bands, funk bands, rock bands, jazz bands, and more. Josh has performed across the country with fabulous musicians and he is a creative, fun, experienced, and innovative player.  


Mr. International

Kia Adibzadeh


Born from the sands of the East, Kiavash was fashioned by the warmth of the sun and cool breeze of the ocean. Parents being traders of gems and precious stones, Kiavash spent most of his youth traveling to exotic countries and foreign lands afar. It was there he was trained and studied under many powerful wizards and sorcerers of the arts. One morning while tending to his masters Hoojah garden, Kiavash fell into a deep vision. A booming voice came forth from a blinding white light, that spoke, "In the land of plastic smiles you will meet the Healer. He will take you back to his home in the mountains, it is there that the Ocelot and Wizard awaits." Keyboardist Kia Adibzedeh is versed in many genres. Kia is the keyboardist for the Polson, MT based reggae/rock band Off in the Woods, and he plays regularly for church and with other bands in the Missoula area. Kia grew up immersed in Persian culture and he mixes Persian music theory in his songwriting and his lead lines. Kia is a gifted and educated player, and his style adds a unique element to the band. 


Seanie Business

Sean Burress


Sean Burress is a musician who currently resides in Missoula, MT. A constant collaborator, he has performed with bands such as Delta 9, Off in the Woods, Germ Sperm, Sweet Dreams, Joy Junkie,  Boston Tea Party, Mesozoic Mafia, Red Onion Purple, Alligator Fuckhouse, Night Blooming Jasmine, Lego Hundy, and Ocelot Wizard. He has opened for artists such as George Clinton, The English Beat, The Wailers, Pato Banton, Yabba Griffiths, Don Carlos, Clinton Fearon, Polyrhythmics, That 1 Guy, and Rusted Root. Sean dabbles in many instruments, but excels at guitar and bass. He plays many genres, but always uses a Jazz/Hip-Hop approach. Music has always been his only viable talent, his undying obsession, and the curse that will haunt his life until the end. 


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