So Right

music by Will Peterson and Josh Chai

Tuning: DADGBE

I like the way you move, I'm gonna make you mine

I'm coming home to you, you're gonna lose your mind

So right, you can get the best of me, when you gonna come inside?

you let me into your heart, you let me under your skin

you got the thrill to spark, we let the fire begin

It gets so hot we know there's no turning back

We dont try to cover our tracks, we dont hide.

We get high on lights dancing in the night sky

You know there's no better time.

It feels so right, so right,

you can get the best of me, won't you take me home tonight?

It feels so right, so right

You can share this heart with me

When you gonna come inside, inside!

What you got is what you want but do you recognize?

Chasing everybody else like they're the prize

I can give you my world and everything inside

Come on, roll the dice

Trust this love, oh this love

It feels so right, so right

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Photography by Stoph's Photography
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