music by Will Peterson

Tuning: E Std.

I have been to heaven, not in my head nor in the clouds

we're already goners, just passers in the crowd

I have witnessed hell on Earth, the bullet and the blood

Someday it will come to you, the lifeboat in the flood

Maybe you're a stranger and you're scared of life

Maybe its okay just to realize

Start over love, start dreaming again

Start over love, start believing 

Sonofagun, you lost your way again

thoughts of a world growing stranger as it spins, 

Stranger as we spin

You're daring me to wear the sins cause you know I let you down

We'll gather up the pieces and stand upon the ground

Forget about the moments when we said it can't be done

Don't sacrifice your innocence

When you know that you're the one

Maybe you're a dancer at midnight

Maybe your the answer to my mind

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Photography by Stoph's Photography
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