Will You

music by Will Peterson

Tuning: E Std.

Would you have me hold my breath in the gutter

while you decide if I'm enough for you

Will you leave me for the fortunes of tomorrow

After everything we've been  through?

I don't want to watch your lonely movie

You can't hide in a house in the clouds

Will you love me or will you leave me

wondering what this is all about?

Tell me it's alright cause it's alright

Dirty little lies. Do you believe me? How do I, 

How can I be more true?

I want to be close to you,

Put me in the mood.

In the room, just two

Find myself stuck to you

it's your move.

Will you play with me like kids in the sandbox?

Will you stay and show me everything you like?

I just want to hold you close as a whisper

and rock you easy tonight.

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Photography by Stoph's Photography
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